MbShah jewellers's vision is founded upon a rigorous and demanding creative process. A process that builds upon both the art and science of sculptural design. MbShah jewellers’s skilled goldsmiths work tirelessly to make dreams come true. The birth of a jewel is not solely the fruit of inspiration, but rather encompasses an entire age old background of technical, gemological, and above all, artistic knowledge. MbShah jewellers, an icon of gold craftsmanship and jewelry artisanship, creates each piece in its workshops as if it were a small work of art.


Experts in creating the collections. After many hours of work by the design team, From the imagination to paper. The birth of a MbShah jewel starts in its design department. All of the firm’s designs are an expression of its own unique and identifiable style. Nature, Indian character, art, mini-sculpture, and the unmistakable matte-gloss finish combination serve as a guide for the brand design experts in creating the collections. After many hours of work by the design team, the inspiration is revealed in sketches that later will become true works of art.



A completely traditional process. Using the master prototype in silver from the previous step, a rubber mold will be made of which liquid wax will be injected to produce the models that will later become jewels. These are retouched by hand one by one, and placed in a “tree” that will be transformed into gold through a lost wax melting technique, the traditional process that the firm continues to use today.



Brilliant choice. In the MbShah jewelers gem assortment space, one by one the gems for each piece are analyzed, classified, and selected according to their quality, color, size, and weight for later setting. Keen vision and a steady hand are essential to this painstaking process in the creation of the piece. Precious stones integrated with the metal. The gold pieces reach the hands of other artists, the settlers, who are in charge of fitting, adjusting, and securely holding the piece in the metal. These professionals must be very rigorous in their work to ensure that the stones are inseparable from the metal. In this manner, the setters bestow a permanent shine to the jewels.



High quality in every detail The process of creation of a jewel culminates with hand polishing as a seal of high quality. The polishing team reaches even the tiniest cranny in each piece to give it an exquisite finish. Once this process is complete, the reference number indicating each piece as unique is engraved on the piece, and the brand stamp plus BIS hallmark that certifies the piece was made by MbShah Jewellers is punched in. To complete the piece, an exhaustive quality control takes place during which it is decided whether the jewel meets the brand's exacting quality standards.